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This week sees the release of changes to 07 runescape gold the Duel Arena, news on the iOS beta and mobile changes.In the courtyard outside the Theatre of Blood, a mysterious figure watches. No one knows why he is there, but he takes a great interest in any who would enter the Theatre. Anyone who manages to survive the Theatre may find that this figure has a strange gift for them, a shroud of unknown origin.

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Back in June we announced content changes we’d be making to the Duel Arena. To tackle odds staking (and consequently Real World Trading) at the Duel Arena, we have made the following changes. Players can no longer stake items; meaning only Coins and Platinum tokens can be used. Each duelists stake must be within 10,000 Coins of each other in value. Winnings (the combined total of both players’ stakes) will also be taxed by a percentage depending on the size of the stake. The current stake size limit (a combined total of 2147m gp and 2147m platinum between both players) will remain the same. The same restrictions remain in place as before; F2P players can only stake in Coins, not Platinum, and Ironmen can’t stake at all.

Upon entering a duel, you will be presented with the familiar options screen:Afterwards, you are taken to the staking screen. Here you can check the staking information as well as your opponent’s worn equipment and inventory items (assuming you have the “Show Inventories” option enabled for your duel) by selecting the relevant icons.

You can use the buttons beneath the displayed amount of Platinum or Gold to add to your stake or the Once agreed and accepted, the confirmation screen shown below will appear for you to check the staked amounts. There will still be a delay before you can confirm the duel and we encourage everyone to check the details of the duel before agreeing to them.

The scythe requires 75 Attack and 75 Strength to wield and has two variants, and uncharged and charged version. The uncharged version has relatively low stats, but once charged, gains additional bonuses. Charging the scythe costs 1/100th of a Vial of blood and 3 Blood runes, meaning 100 charges would cost a full Vial of blood and 300 Blood runes.

After the duel, the rewards screen will show the amount that was staked by both players, the tax rate and the total winnings.The Sinhaza shroud is an entirely cosmetic cape that players will receive after completing the Theatre of Blood. It is possible to change the appearance of the cape after completing the Theatre of blood 100, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 times respectively.
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