A note to members: This page is just an extension of the SELL BUY SWAP FREE (Northern Beaches) group page. This website allows you to post in categories and better search your items. The same rules apply here as they do on the page.

Do I need to pay for my listing?

All classifieds ads are free of charge unless you choose to tick the optional $0.99 feature box. This will allow your ad to feature at the top of the homepage and gain more exposure.

My paid listing isn’t showing straight away?

Your ad may take up to 24 hours to appear live on the website due to moderation of the ad.

How long is my ad valid for?

All classifieds ads are valid for 30 days and will then be removed from the website

How do I edit my listing?

On the top right hand side of the website click on “My Dashboard”. Under options click on the yellow pencil icon and this will allow you to edit your ad. Once you have made your changes, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “update ad”

Do I have to enter my street address?

No, this is optional . To avoid putting in your street address simply type in any 2 characters and proceed.

What does tag/tagging mean on your website?

Tagging is a useful tool for members to use when selling an item. Tag words are like keywords, use as many as you can think of that are related to your item that you are selling. This will help increase the chances of your ad being found by other members.

Example: You are selling “lego” – keywords you can use are blocks, building, duplo etc

I want to advertise on your website, how do I do this?

Simply email kelli@sellbuyswapfree.com.au for a copy of the media packs. Businesses are not permitted to advertise through our free classifieds section. This is strictly for members to sell, buy, swap or giveaway personal items.

I added my business in your directory but I can’t see it?

All business directory ads must be approved by admin before going live on the website. Please allow up to 48 hours.

Items that cannot be sold on this website

animals, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, illegal substances, pharmaceutical products, prescriptions of any kind, explosives, counterfeit goods, fakes, replicas or copies of any high-end brand are not permitted.

Why are there items for sale outside of the Northern Beaches?

Admin only allow items for sale on the Northern Beaches or withing close promiximity. The odd out of area item might be listed and we can’t stop this from happening.  However, we will do our best to have these removed.

Items you must be careful of when selling

baby food &  formula – please specify the use by date DO NOT SELL IF OPENED FOR HYGIENE REASONS

baby car seats – please specify manufacture date and no car seats 10 years old and over are permitted to be sold, these seats have expired.

electrical tolls – please specify date of purchase and if you choose to buy it, please have an electrician look over it for you before use.

bike helmets – please specify if they have been in an accident or not. If they have, you shouldn’t be selling them.

If you’re answer can’t be found here, please email admin@sellbuyswapfree.com.au (please allow up to 48 hours for a response)

For a full list of terms and conditions please visit this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/424001647646699/files/

Sell Buy Swap Free ABN# 82 684 156 644 


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